Monday, February 13, 2012

Sound & Music

This week we will make our very own musical instruments, but first let's explore the science behind sound and play some fun musical games!

Read the facts found at the link below. Write down 3 new interesting facts you and your partner learned.
Sound Facts

Use the link below to explore different instruments. Use the arrow buttons at the top to take you through the activities. Drag a new instrument on the screen to explore each instrument. Write down one new thing you learned about each instrument-one new fact for the guitar, one new fact for the drum, etc.

For example. Does the pitch get higher or lower when you tighten the guitar string? What happens to the sound when there is more water in the bottle?

When you are finished with the above activity, click Sort Sounds in the right corner to complete this new activity with your partner.
Changing Sounds

When you have completed the above activities, use the site below to create and save your own music.
Toon Beats

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