Monday, April 23, 2012

Volcanoes and Earth Science

1) Check out these interesting VOLCANO FACTS.

Write down 3 interesting facts you learned. 

2) EXPLORE a volcano with your partner.

3) Watch this VOLCANO VIDEO

Write down 3 interesting facts you learned. 

4) Learn more about POMPEII


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hi class! This week we are going to learn about photography. You are going to learn some basic skills and then get to take some pictures of your own! I love photography and even studied it at BYU.

Below are a few examples from my photography portfolio.

Sandwiched Negative

Nature-Antelope Canyon


There are a few basic skills you will need to learn before we take pictures as a class.

Go to this SITE to learn 10 tips for better pictures. Write down three of the ten tips. Click on each tip as you choose to learn more about it and tell me what you found. 

Learn about picking the best VIEW POINT. What will you do to make your pictures more interesting? Write your ideas down.

Look at this picture of the camera below. What are some things you notice? Name at least three parts. 

Look through the photos HERE. Pick a favorite and explain in your own words why you like it. 

My example:

I like this photo by Paul Parent because it has an interesting view point or angle of the tulip. The colors are pretty. I also like how the front is in focus and the back is blurry. 

When you are done, you may take a few photos in PHOTO BOOTH.

I will be calling you out a few students at a time to practice taking a few pictures.